The Catholic Classical Vision

This section articulates the purpose and form of Catholic classical education. This formal articulation is meant to guide the formation of our school. You can read the posts below (they are in reverse order), or you can download the full PDF vision document here. It is the fruit of extensive research, many drafts, and numerous fruitful and fascinating conversations–a true labor of love. We look forward to discussing it with you!

Download full PDF version here.


  1. Introduction & Vision
    1.1. Man and His Purpose
    1.2. Education
  2. The Order of Catholic Classical Education
    2.1. A Pious and Musical Foundation
    2.2. The Liberal Arts
    2.3. A Complete Beginning: Philosophy and Theology
  3. The Classes
    3.1. Religion
    3.2. Gymnastic
    3.3. Latin
    3.4. Language & Literature
    3.5. History
    3.6. Music
    3.7. Mathematics
    3.8. Sciences
  4. Catholic Classical Education: Whose Job Is It?
  5. Conclusion

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