Let Your Pastor Know

In our conversations about establishing a Diocesan K-12 Catholic classical school, it has become very clear that the support of Parish Pastors is pivotal. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do is let your Pastor know of your interest in this school–in passing after Mass, by email, by phone, etc.. Feel very free to direct him to this site or contact us if you would like us to make a presentation.

Sample email/talking points:

Dear Fr. ________,

Greetings! We hope that this finds you doing extremely well.

We are writing to let you know about an exciting initiative that is underway in our Diocese to establish a diocesan Catholic classical K-12 school. We understand that this would require a large commitment on the Doicese’s part in terms of resources and energy. We believe that this commitment would be well repaid in terms of benefit to our youth. Catholic classical education points children to God by immersing them in the highest and best that the Church’s tradition has to offer.

We acknowledge that our Diocese’s schools to a fantastic job of implementing pastoral programs and religious instruction, of hiring teachers that offer powerful witness to Christ’s love, and of facilitating frequent encounters with Christ in the Sacraments. We are hoping for a school that directs the student to God not only in what happens around the curriculum, but especially through it; divine purpose pervades the entire Catholic classical curriculum and all of its components are directed to transcendent ends.

Please feel free to visit catholicclassicalict.com for more information about the vision that we are attempting to realize with other Catholic and classically-minded families in our Diocese. And please do ask us if you would like for someone to come present the vision to you in person or over the phone; there are many enthusiastic proponents among us who would love to share their understanding of this amazing way of pointing our children towards God.

We would treasure your prayers for this effort and please be assured of ours for your ministry.

In Christ,


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