Anthony Seiler

Anthony Seiler’s encounter with classical education began, in part, with a desire to avoid milking cows. He grew up on his family’s dairy farm northwest of Wichita and attended diocesan schools K-12. When it came time to choose a college, his goals were to find a rigorous, Catholic university that was far enough from home that he wouldn’t need to milk cows on the weekend. These conditions led him to the University of Dallas. His encounter there with the Church’s ancient traditions of classical education was an unlooked-for blessing. In the midst of a study abroad semester in Rome, these threads of the Western tradition came together for him in the realization that he could pursue education and his classes because they were interesting, not because they were a means to some other end. This awareness was a watershed moment in his life and has inspired him to join in efforts to bring classical education to our diocese. After college, his farm background and degree in political philosophy led him to serve on the staff of the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee. His time away from Kansas helped him rediscover an appreciation for farming and home. He moved back to Wichita in 2019 both to be close enough to help with the family farm and to marry his wife, Tory, who is also from Wichita. As he and his wife start their young family, he is grateful for the opportunity to use his experience in advocacy and rhetoric to help share the ideas of the Catholic classical tradition in the hope that they can provide a vibrant education for their children and others in the diocese. In what little free time he can find between working for the local Farm Bureau and farming, he is passionate about studying history, architecture, and Shakespeare; sharing Italian dinners; and playing with his two young sons.

The Catholic Classical Vision

This section articulates the purpose and form of Catholic classical education. This formal articulation is meant to guide the formation of our school. You can read the posts below (they are in reverse order), or you can download the full PDF vision document here. It is the fruit of extensive research, many drafts, and numerous fruitful and fascinating conversations–a true labor of love. We look forward to discussing it with you!

Download full PDF version here.


  1. Introduction & Vision
    1.1. Man and His Purpose
    1.2. Education
  2. The Order of Catholic Classical Education
    2.1. A Pious and Musical Foundation
    2.2. The Liberal Arts
    2.3. A Complete Beginning: Philosophy and Theology
  3. The Classes
    3.1. Religion
    3.2. Gymnastic
    3.3. Latin
    3.4. Language & Literature
    3.5. History
    3.6. Music
    3.7. Mathematics
    3.8. Sciences
  4. Catholic Classical Education: Whose Job Is It?
  5. Conclusion


We are a group of parents who came together about three years ago to pass on the Catholic classical tradition to our children. The purpose of this site is to welcome you along in that project. The substance of the site is our Vision document which you can read piecemeal in our posts or download in its entirety. See the Letter to the Bishop for the quick pitch version of what we are about, and feel very free to sign it. Please join us in immersing our children in the highest and best of the Church’s tradition, and allowing it to guide them along towards Heaven!

Let Your Pastor Know

In our conversations about establishing a Diocesan K-12 Catholic classical school, it has become very clear that the support of Parish Pastors is pivotal. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do is let your Pastor know of your interest in this school–in passing after Mass, by email, by phone, etc.. Feel very free to direct him to this site or contact us if you would like us to make a presentation.

Sample email/talking points:

Dear Fr. ________,

Greetings! We hope that this finds you doing extremely well.

We are writing to let you know about an exciting initiative that is underway in our Diocese to establish a diocesan Catholic classical K-12 school. We understand that this would require a large commitment on the Doicese’s part in terms of resources and energy. We believe that this commitment would be well repaid in terms of benefit to our youth. Catholic classical education points children to God by immersing them in the highest and best that the Church’s tradition has to offer.

We acknowledge that our Diocese’s schools to a fantastic job of implementing pastoral programs and religious instruction, of hiring teachers that offer powerful witness to Christ’s love, and of facilitating frequent encounters with Christ in the Sacraments. We are hoping for a school that directs the student to God not only in what happens around the curriculum, but especially through it; divine purpose pervades the entire Catholic classical curriculum and all of its components are directed to transcendent ends.

Please feel free to visit for more information about the vision that we are attempting to realize with other Catholic and classically-minded families in our Diocese. And please do ask us if you would like for someone to come present the vision to you in person or over the phone; there are many enthusiastic proponents among us who would love to share their understanding of this amazing way of pointing our children towards God.

We would treasure your prayers for this effort and please be assured of ours for your ministry.

In Christ,


Big Event on Monday, Nov. 15th

If you’re interested in hearing what we’ve discovered about Catholic classical education and how we’re trying to make it available here in Wichita, we warmly invite you to this event.

November 15, 2021, 7 – 9p
Blessed Sacrament – Old Gym
124 N Roosevelt St, Wichita KS 67208

*Blessed Sacrament Parish is graciously allowing us to use their facilities, but this function is not connected with the school.*

Whether you can make it to this event or not, voice your interest here!  Signing up does not entail any commitment whatsoever; it is merely to help us understand if we are moving together as 25 families or 250 families and we might send the occasional email to announce another event, etc..

The Catholic Classical Vision Conclusion

The entire series can be downloaded as a PDF document here.

The series on the vision of Catholic classical education has reached its conclusion, having explained its end, form, content, and communal sources. Catholic classical education seeks to cultivate virtue in the entire person so that one is better able to know, love, and serve God through Christ and His Church. Its lineage began with the Greeks and was furthered by the Romans, elevated by the Church Fathers, and brought to a certain perfection by the Doctors of the Middle Ages. This long tradition of the Catholic Church can and must be handed on today, as it proposes an education arising from the needs of human nature itself, seeking its ultimate end in God. Its execution, no less than its nature, depends upon Divine Providence. May God who has thus far disposed the beginning of this project also rightly order its progress and bring it to a perfect end.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!

An overview of the School’s curriculum.

Detail from Fra Angelico, The Virgin and Child with Saints Dominic and Thomas Aquinas