John Brungardt

This series features the people who’ve been passionate for Classical Education, working towards its proliferation and implementation in the Wichita, Kansas area. These are among the parents and teachers faithfully stewarding this educational patrimony. These are the accounts of their motivation for Catholic Classical Education.

Establishing a Catholic classical school requires a solid philosophical foundation articulated in well defined terms. When Dr. John Brungardt came on board with this grassroot project, he brought with him an intellectual sophistication perfectly fitted to the task of questioning and refining the project’s ideas, proposals, and work. His expertise as a philosopher and a professor of Medieval Philosophy have made him indespensible.

John Brungardt’s experience with the classical education movement started at a young age, growing up in the dioceses of Wichita. The oldest of a family of ten children, he was homeschooled since the second grade in various curricula either inspired by or defined by the classical education model. This formation, seeking the truth for its own sake, especially about God, led him to further his education through the Catholic liberal arts curriculum of Thomas Aquinas College (B.A., 2008), subsequently earning degrees in philosophy at the Catholic University of America (Ph.L, 2011; Ph.D, 2016). His wife, Marina, also earned her degree at Thomas Aquinas College, along with a masters in theology from Ave Maria University. The great good of Catholic education continues to shape their lives. John currently teaches at the School of Catholic Studies at Newman University in Wichita, where his wife also teaches philosophy. They both hope to educate their young children in the tradition of learning which they themselves have so gratefully received.

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