The Catholic Classical Vision pt. 1

The human person can only flourish if given a fitting formation. Such a formation instills various physical, moral, and intellectual virtues.  To cultivate these virtues, the Church has not only the liturgy and the sacraments, but a time-tested tradition of education—Catholic classical education. This blog series will outline the essentials of this education for the purpose of a Catholic classical K–12 school.

      Catholic classical education seeks to cultivate virtue in the entire person so that one is better able to know, love, and serve God through Christ and His Church. This form of education was discovered and developed by the Greeks, adopted and expanded by the Romans, purified by the Church Fathers, and brought to a certain perfection by the medieval scholastics. It continues in use to this day.

      The curriculum of the School that we will be describing aims to progressively cultivate virtue in the entire person. Each stage, each class, each step is directed in appropriately diverse ways, as required by human nature, towards knowing, loving, and serving God. It begins with a pious and musical foundation, proceeds through the traditional liberal arts, and ends with an introduction to philosophy and theology.


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